Saturday, October 18, 2008

Senior Year

Ok, my brother Nathan is a senior so, per the issue that professional photographers are freaking expensive, as with a couple brothers before him, his sucker sister takes him out for a photoshoot!

I was surprised with him and myself and really liked some of the shots we got. I think my favorites and his favorites will be different but that's the point of having a bunch of options isn't it? So here are some of MY favorites - he can post his own.

The first two are at Rice Creek Regional Trail where he trains for Nordic Skiing:

This next one is at North Heights Lutheran Church where he attends:

and finally - these last two are included just for interests sake. The first one because it is just freaky because it looks like a picture of his brother, Paul, instead of like him and the second one just because we both thought it was a cool "story picture" about graduation in itself and the road of life in front of him with no idea where it ends.

If you want to look at the rest of the pictures in the album, click on the picture below and type in the password "Nathan" and you can see the 20 best shots we got.

Photobucket Album

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