Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 3 and It Was Raining...

Day 3 of my vacation involved a massively fun trip to Powell's Book Store but I didn't take any pictures there because, well, I was busy. However, earlier in the rainy day, my friend and I once again hit Washington Park. This time, we went uphill to the Japanese Garden - and got lucky enough to catch it on a day with the annual Bonsai show! I love Bonsai but still am very good at killing it. Someday, if you want an interesting story, ask me how I got two ivy plants home in my carryon luggage from that sale because I didn't check any baggage on this trip... on second thought, you basically just heard all the interesting parts so don't bother. BUT, the garden itself was amazing and is a wonderful place to visit in the rain. It was a downpour but it was enough. The password for this album is bonsai when you click on the picture.

Photobucket Album

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