Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the Last Full Day of My Vacation

Sadly, this was the last day to just hang with my friends and go somewhere because I was flying out the next day. So we took a drive out to the ocean. Haystack Rock is about an hour and a half west of Portland (if I remember correctly) and we spent the morning on the beach there playing in the tidal pools. Then had lunch at this AMAZING seafood place overlooking the beach and scooted over to Ecola State Park. You can literally see Haystack Rock from an observation deck built on a cliff point in the park so you can tell we didn't go very far. We hit a couple of spots in the park too so it made for a GREAT day with the camera. When you click on the picture, the password for this album is tidal - oh yeah, and I was simply amused by that first sign. It's a tsunami warning right on the beach. My sick sense of humor found it kind of funny.

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